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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Where you lead, I will follow anywhere that you tell me to. If you need me to be with you, I will follow where you lead.

I can’t believe the day has finally come that Gilmore Girls is back! And of course I have binge watched all four episodes (TWICE!) – I just didn’t have the willpower to stretch it out. And the revival certainly did not disappoint!  But the familiar home of the Gilmore girls got a little bit of a makeover since we last saw it nine long years ago. So I’ve broken down their new looks for you, so you can get the new and improved Gilmore look.


Like any other home, the living room is still the heart of the home for the Gilmore Girls, it just got a little bit of a makeover now that Luke has officially moved into the house full time. Instead of this being the site of so many binge-watching sessions with mountains of junk food for Lorelai and Rory, it is now the spot where Luke and Lorelai curl up at the end of bust days to relax together. The revived living room has a more updated style with more seating options, lots more storage, and a more cohesive style now that Lorelai doesn’t rely on hand-me-downs.

03 | Living Room.jpg

1. Vassar Coffee Table | 2. Ektorp Sofa | 3. Popcorn Knit Throw | 4. Adeline Rug | 5. Brielle Wingback Chair | 6. Brielle Ottoman | 7. Finland Accent Table | 8. Croby Pharmacy Task Floor Lamp | 9. Brooklyn Leather Armchair | 10. Chestnut Brown Single Drawer Writing Desk | 11. Stella Side Chair


Not a whole lot has changed with Rory’s room since we last saw it. She graduated from Yale, and was off in the real world to make her mark on it. The revival has Rory coming back to her childhood bedroom and staying for a little while, as many of us I’m sure experienced after graduating. I never quite realized how much furniture Rory has in her bedroom considering it seems like such a small narrow space, but I suppose that’s the magic of Television. With a few more bookshelves, some seating, and lots more clothing storage you get Rory’s revival bedroom.

1. Kellie Dresser | 2. Beadboard Wall Bookcase | 3. Printer's Keyhole Desk | 4. Portis Clothing Rack | 5. Scallop Statement Pinboard | 6. Pearce Upholstered Recliner | 7. Tucker Chair | 8. Marley Side Table | 9. Fair Isle Colourblock Throw | 10. Twin Jenny Lind Black Bed | 11. Organic Nordic Stripe Jacquard Bedding | 12. Josefa Distressed Trunk | 13. Scalloped Mirror | 14. Heston Dresser


I think Lorelai’s bedroom has changed the most since we last saw it nine years ago, because she’s entered into a new phase of her life. She now lives on her own with Luke, which means they did a major renovation to accommodate both of them. We get to see a little bit of this transformation in season six, but even more has changed. The bedroom is more sophisticated and grown up, without being too girly for Luke.