Architecture Envy | The Tower of Cedars

I am a big believer in combining our man-made environment with the natural one that surrounds us. There are so many pluses to introducing nature into design from warming up an interior to softening the concrete jungle that we live in. We’ve all seen green roofs on select houses and towers, but The Tower of Cedars takes the concept to a whole new level!

This 36-story condo tower is an amazing way to bring nature back into our cities. With four different types of cedars totaling over 100 trees, as well as 18,000 plants and 6,000 shrubs there’s no shortage of greenery! All that greenery serves lots of purposes such as reducing noise pollution, winds, dust, and all those trees are certainly bound to help clean the air. Plus each residence gets a little slice of their own green heaven in the sky.



With the way the housing market is going, so many people are opting to live in condos (maybe not always by choice). This new innovative design allows residences to have their own version of a backyard; although it may be little it’s certainly better than nothing. Plus it’s pretty amazing for onlookers to gawk at.

I for one would love to live in one of these! But unfortunately for me, this tower is located in Switzerland.