Elements of Design | Colour

Design is made up of so many smaller elements, and a good design is finding the right combination and balance between them all. One of those elements is colour. There are the basic warm colours (yellows, reds, and oranges) and cool colours (greens, blues, and purples). But with colour there’s more than meets the eye. There’s a whole colour psychology that explains how different colours affect your moods, feelings, emotions and behaviour.

Everyone can relate to colour too, since everyone has a favourite colour. Maybe that favourite colour of yours is a reflection of your personality or character. I took an online quiz that tells you what Pantone colour you would be. And the results are spot on for me! According to the quiz, I am “Minion Yellow”. Yellow just happens to be my personal favourite colour, and I may also have a mild obsession with minions. When I first moved into my apartment (before I could afford any nice furniture), I actually painted four large canvases bright yellow as a substitute for a headboard.

Take the quiz here and see what Pantone colour you would be if you were a colour!