Style 101 | Picture Ledges

Picture ledges are so amazingly versatile. With a little creative outside the box thinking, you can come up with so many different uses. And considering they’re as little as $10 at IKEA, sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

Image courtesy of  RealSimple

Image courtesy of RealSimple

There’s of course the standard way to use the picture ledges to help create a gallery wall. This is such a great way to do a gallery wall, since you don’t need to make a million holes in the wall. Plus if you’re at all like me, you won’t have to worry about changing pieces. Since you aren’t actually hanging each piece individually, it’s super simple to switch things around when you get tired of the current arrangement.

Image courtesy of Dose of Lisa Pullano

Image courtesy of Dose of Lisa Pullano

You can also use the picture ledges to store your nail polish. This is great for the girl who has an extensive collection of nail polishes. You can see all the colours you have, and you’re creating art out of an ordinary collection.

Image courtesy of  IKEA

Image courtesy of IKEA

Another great use for the girl with a large collection is shoe storage. Why not display those beauties so that everyone can see. For this particular installation, you simple install the picture ledges upside down. This way you can hang your high heels off the ledge, as well as rest your flats on top. This also takes up a lot less room than your traditional shoe storage, since the ledges only protrude from the wall a few inches.

Image courtesy of  Homedit

Image courtesy of Homedit

If you’re really pressed for space, you can even use a small picture ledge as a side table replacement. They take up minimal room, but they’re still large enough to fit the essentials. Your cellphone, glass of water or a good book are all right at your fingertips without taking up very much room at all.

Image courtesy of  Apartment Therapy

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Another space saving installation is using them to store your books. Since they’re so shallow they’re ideal for storing picture books in your kid’s room or cook books in the kitchen. It also makes it easy to see all the different books you have, making your selection that much easier.

Image courtesy of  Stacy's Savings

Image courtesy of Stacy's Savings

Another way to use these picture ledges in your kid’s rooms is to store their small toys, like they’re toy cars, trains, or even action figures. It’s a great way display your kid’s toys but also keep things nice and tidy. Plus it’s simple enough that your kids can even clean up and put things away themselves.