Architecture Envy | Transformed Clock Tower

There’s nothing like an old building that has new life breathed into it. There are lots of old clothing factories that have been converted into new condos. It’s so appealing and on trend right now, with the mixing of industrial elements including the exposed HVAC, pipes and electrical, concrete floors, and brick walls. Mixing all those elements in with some furnishings makes a truly unique and interesting interior.

However this old converted clock tower doesn’t contain any of those factory elements, but it definitely still posses that raw factor. The interior is finished beautifully with hardwood floors, high gloss kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. But having that giant gorgeous old clock on all four sides is truly unique. It brings such a unique elements to a home that is truly one of a kind.

There is definitely a huge sticker price attached to this 6,813sq.ft., 14’ high ceiling, 360 degree view beauty though. A grand total of $25 million dollars, which was generously reduced to a mere $11 million. As soon as I win the lottery I know what I’ll be doing!