The Easiest DIY to Please your Man | Framed Jerseys

We've all heard of the age old "Man Cave". Well I have a way that you can improve on his favourite place in the house to escape from all the girly throw pillows and flowers. Making him some manly art using his extensive jersey collection to further enhance his manly sanctuary. And the best part is it won't cost very much money either!

Here's what you'll need:

  • His favourite jerseys
  • Shadow boxes - I got these ones from IKEA
  • Foam core
  • A ruler
  • A precision knife
  • A cutting matte
  • Sewing pings

Here's what to do:

  1. The first thing you need to do is get your foam core ready for the jerseys. To do this, you'll need to measure the inside of the shadow box, and using your ruler, precision knife, and cutting matte, cut a piece of foam core to fit into that space.
  2. Once you have a snug fitting piece of foam core, you'll then need to determine how much that piece needs to be reduces to accommodate the jersey. I did this through trial and error by cutting off slivers from the foam core, wrapping the jersey around the piece of foam core, and trying to fit it into the shadow box. Repeat this until the wrapped foam core piece fits nicely into the frame. Once you know the exact size of the foam core, you can use it as a template to trace for all the other jerseys.
  3. Next, lay the jersey face down on a flat surface and place the foam core piece on tip. Fold the jersey back around the foam core, and using the sewing pins, pin the jersey in place. Start by pinning the jersey a little loose until you've got all the sides pined down, then go back around pulling the jersey a little tighter and repining accordingly.
  4. Place the wrapped piece of foam core into the shadow box, and take a quick look to make sure it will be properly displaying the portion of the jersey you want to showcase.
  5. The last thing to do before closing the shadow box is to make sure that the jersey is secure and tight in that frame so it doesn't look wrinkled or fall. To do this you simply take smaller scrap pieces of the cut foam core and place it around the edges and the centre of the frame to fill the remaining space of the shadow box. Then you simply close the back of the shadow box and you're ready to hang his new favourite piece of art!