She Shed vs. Man Cave

Since the dawn of time, men have had the Man Cave. Well now, women are taking back the night, or rather the day with their own special “girly” spaces. But of course we came up with a much cuter term for these spaces – The She Shed!

Rather than hiding in the basement like the usual Man Cave, women are taking to the garden to make their own space. The sun-soaked and nature-filled spaces can be used for anything. Make a quiet space for curling up away from the chaos of every day life to read your favourite book, or create an art studio, or even a quiet little yoga space for you to centre yourself. The possibilities are endless for the mini staycation. The best part is, there are no boys allowed, which means you can really let your girly flag fly!

Lots of celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon, and I for one think this is definitely one trend worth following. Why should men be the only ones that get to have their havens? Check out the photos for some inspiration for your She Shed plans!