Architecture Envy | Modern Tree House

As I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now I love design that brings the outdoors in, and combined the concrete jungle man has created with the natural one surrounding us Mother Nature created. The architect Aibek Almossav, designed a glass tubular home built entirely around a tree. In an interview he stated, “I respect nature, it feeds us but we destroy it.” I couldn’t agree more. This home is a piece of art, and it would allow people to live at one with their natural surrounding without having to disturb or destroy it in the process. I wish architecture like this were more common, as we are slowly depleting our natural environment. Think of how different our cities would look if this were the norm, instead of bricks and concrete! This particular project was designed two years ago, and is still looking for funding, and I hope it gets it! For more information on the Tree in the House project and the Indiegogo campaign, you can visit the architect’s website.

This isn’t the only cylindrical building made of glass surrounding a tree in the world of course. There’s a kindergarten in Japan built around a tree with quite a remarkable history. This beautiful 50-year-old tree was nearly killed by a typhoon. But against all odds, the tree miraculously recovered. I believe that the kindergarten was built around the tree in order to help preserve it. It was also designed in a way that the children could explore the natural environment in a fun and new way. There are several different levels that the children can crawl around in and explore their environment. The interior of the kindergarten is also completed entirely of windows, so that the children can also enjoy a view will enjoying their lessons. I wish that had been my view while I was in school!  

I’m sure there are plenty more structures such as these all over the world, and I hope that number continues to grow. I strongly believe that nature influences everything; we just need to be a little more willing to embrace it.