Arrive in Style

Apparently there are still luxury trains that you can take trips on. There is a luxury train called the Seven Stars that travels through the mountains in Kyushu, Japan. And wow is it stunning inside! I’m sure the passengers feel something akin to royalty while staying in the suites aboard. Gilded latticework and rich wood paneling is found throughout the suites and other cars, all of which is made by local craftsmen.

There are several trains of this nature in fact. There’s a fleet of trains that were restored that travel through South Africa called the Rovos Rail. These trains are filled with period design elements that have been restored, including the teak pillars in the dining cart. There’s another train that travels through Russia called the Golden Eagle. This train is filled with traditional Russian furnishings, crystals, ceramics, and countless other treasures. The only downside I see to these trains is being able to look away from the gorgeous interior to appreciate the scenery outside.

That’s just naming a few of these beauties, and there are even more, which you can take a peak at with Architectural Digest. I don’t know about you, but taking a trip on one of these has definitely been added to my bucket list.