Bridal Shower Checklist | Part 1: Brunch Bridal Shower

We are well into wedding season now! And with wedding season come lots of other events that need planning, from bachelorettes to bridal showers. But planning some of these events can seem very overwhelming with so many aspects to plan for a large number of people. So, in an effort to simplify planning, I’ve broken it into seven categories to plan the perfect bridal shower: theme, venue, guest list, food, favours, gift registry, and personal touches.

Your theme is usually one of the first things you want to decide on, as this will help guide you through your decisions for food and favours, and it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The venue makes a close second, as this will help you decide how you would like to decorate the space according to your theme, and it will also determine how many people you feel comfortable hosting at your event. Once these two decisions have been made, your menu would be next. This should be a little easier to narrow down once you’ve selected your theme, since you wouldn’t necessarily serve burgers at a brunch themed shower, but you may serve them if you were having a BBQ shower. And the same goes for your favours, since you want to create a seamlessly designed shower. The guest list should be relatively simple, as this will be provided from the bride-to-be. The only thing to think about for this category would be creating your invitations and sending them out. I like to send the invitations out about two months before the scheduled event, so that you have lots of time to remind those few stragglers that haven’t responded yet, but also leaving lots of time to prep for the correct amount of people attending. Finally, your gift registry is another important thing to consider. You can leave the registry up to the bride as I did for the first shower I hosted, or you can take this under your belt as part of the planning as I did for the second shower that I hosted.

The first bridal shower I did was last year, for my now sister-in-law.  The theme that I selected was a brunch. I chose this theme because she was having a very simple and elegant camp wedding at the overnight camp that she attended as a young girl. Once the theme was selected the menu was quite simple to create, since I would be serving primarily breakfast foods, and offering both sweet and savory options. The complete menu consisted of caramel apple croissants, grapefruit chia seed muffins, lime glazed raspberry donuts, mini frittatas with lox and arugula, banana-nutella muffins, ham and kale egg muffins, Scottish sausage rolls, and fruit skewers. I also had a mimosa station where people could choose between orange juice and mango peach juice, and I also provided a couple of infused waters including lemon water and cucumber water. Plus I had also set up a coffee station with a variety of different coffees for the guests to choose from, because you can't have brunch without coffee and mimosas!

I decided to simplify my life a little by not having a structured sit down meal; I chose to lay everything out buffet style. I displayed the food in wicker baskets to go with the rustic camp feeling that I was trying to mimic from the wedding. To continue with my brunch theme, I created honey peach jam from scratch as my favours for my guests.

For me the venue was an easy selection, as I live in a condo building with a party room that I simply needed to rent for the day for only $100. Because my building has strict rules about the capacity of the room, the number of guests that I could invite was decided for me. Once the venue is selected, you can also figure out how best to use the space for the desired flow of the party. The party room in my condo has a living room area, dining area, and a small kitchen at the back. This allowed me to heat up the food I had made prior to the party, set up the buffet on the dining table, move the extra dining chairs around the living room area, and use the living room area for a space to gather during the gift opening portion of the party. The bride chose to register for the wedding and the shower at the same time on one large registry, and this information was included on the invitation sent out to guests.

For me, the biggest aspect of the planning was the personal touches that I added to my planning formula. I created menus for the buffet table with a count down to the wedding day on the back and food labels for each individual item, all of which were held up in place with small clothespins. I created a cute name for the homemade honey peach jam that I made with tags that I tied onto each jar with twine.

The biggest personal touch that I added was my version of a guest book, which included wooden hearts and a large mason jar labeled Happily Ever After. The idea was for guests to write down marriage advice or a date for the newly weds on the hearts and drop them in the mason jar. I also had a recipe tin so that guests could pass on their favourite family recipes on to the new bride-to-be for her family. To tie these together, I even had my boyfriend write a poem instructing guests what they were to do at these activities.

The final item was something special to make sure everyone knew exactly who the bride-to-be was: a beautiful flower crown.