Bridal Shower Checklist | Part 2: Wine Party Bridal Shower

This past weekend I hosted my second bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. This shower was completely different than the first one, but I still stuck to the same formula. Again, I started by selecting my theme, and everything else followed. This wedding is going to be held at a church with the reception at a country club, so I decided to go with something a little fancier, so I decided to go with a wine party.

For the food I wanted to try to mimic a wine tasting with foods that went well with white wines and with red wines. My menu included baked brie with wine soaked blackberries, bacon wrapped beef tenderloin, meatballs, mini caprese salad bites, prosciutto flatbread, and blackberry & sage infused water for the red wine portion; and white wine portion included Caesar salad spears, crab cakes, chicken pineapple skewers, fruit & cheese phyllo, smoked salmon crostini, and cucumber & mint infused water. I decided to do a buffet again for the food as I had done for the previous shower, but changed my display to reflect my new theme.

I pushed the dining table against the wall and divided the table in half using flowers in the red and white wine colours. On one side of the table I displayed the three different red wines with the coordinating infused water and food layed out on simple white rectangular trays, and the same on the other side of the table with the white wine. For the desserts I had a variety of macarons, as well as blackberry key lime cupcakes that I made myself. This time around I made mini glitter champagne bottles for my favours. I covered small champagne bottles with purple glitter to go with the bride’s colours, added a blue and white striped paper straw to complimenting the blue suit my brother will be wearing, and finished the look with a cute tag tied to the bottles with purple ribbon.

My venue and guest list number remained the same, since I did it in my building’s party room again. One of the biggest differences with this shower (other than the theme) was the gift registry. Instead of the bride doing one large registry, people would contribute an amount that they felt confortable with so that the bride could get one or two large gifts. The good part about this is that the bride doesn’t get duplicate gifts and doesn’t need to worry about having to return or exchange anything, and it allows the newly married couple to get expensive gifts that they wouldn’t ordinarily been able to afford. The downside to this method is that it creates a lot more work for you as the planner because you will need to chase people who forget to contribute, but you also have to be very organized to track how much money has been given so that it all goes to the bride.

Another thing that I did differently was my guest book and recipes. For the first shower, many people got confused about their favourite recipes because they weren’t sure if they were supposed to prepare the food or just bring the written recipe. To eliminate all of the confusion, I requested that people email me their recipes, and I then typed them up and printed them on cards that matched the invitation and all the other little tags that I made. Because my brother and soon-to-be new sister-in-law love playing games, I chose to make their guest book out of Jenga blocks. Each guest was asked to sign two or three Jenga blocks with advice, or a date idea, or just something silly for the new couple. At the end of the party, the groom sat with all the guests reading all the pieces and tried to guess who had written what.

I did many of the same things for all of my personal touches including custom food labels that I stood up with wine corks I cut, tags saying “Cheers to the Bride” for the champagne favours, and of course the bride-to-be got her very own flower crown.