Vancouv-her | The Tale of a City Girl in Vancouver: Part 4


Another early day again, since we needed to get back to Vancouver because that list of plans was not getting any shorter and time was running out. A quick breakfast with our hosts, and then we were off to retrace our steps.

But there’s no rest for the wicked! The second we got home, it was a quick change of clothes and then off for another adventure. Picked up a couple of the boyfriend’s friends, and then we were off to Deep Cove to do a little hiking on Quarry Rock. Compared to climbing Grouse Mountain, this was a walk in the park – with a few more stairs, but of course, the view at the top was worth it. To balance out all the calories we just burned off hiking, we had the most delicious honey donuts at the bottom of the rock.

By the time we got home, I was completely exhausted to thee point of not having enough of my own strength to pull myself off the couch and get ready for dinner. I was picked up and carried out the door for our farewell dinner, which of course was sushi! Because we enjoyed the fusion sushi place that we went to our first night, we decided to go back for our last night, but this time we went with ten other people! We were in a different room of the restaurant this time around, and the décor was totally different with painted skateboards that lit up under the black light lining the walls. The boyfriend wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to all of his friends, so a couple rounds of board games, and lots of laughing later, we were hugging and saying our final goodbyes till our next trip. 


Just because today’s the day we fly back to Toronto doesn’t mean we had a lazy day to pack and get ready to go. I had one thing on my wish list that I wanted to do, and my last morning was the perfect time to do it. Being a designer, I of course love spending time in home design and décor stores, browsing and admiring all the beautiful pieces. For a couple of years now, I have been following The Cross on Instagram, so when I started planning my trip to Vancouver this was the one and only must do for me. So of I went with my faithful boyfriend in tow down to Yaletown to do just that. And it did not disappoint! I wanted to curl up in all of their gorgeously made beds and take a nap, or lounge in their living room vignettes sipping some tea and reading a good book.

After spending a sufficient amount of time dreaming about buying everything in the store, my boyfriend and I went for a short walk around downtown, and then met one of my old high school friends for lunch at Japadog, which apparently is another must do while in Vancouver. After consuming a deliciously odd sushi-esque fusion hot dog, it was crunch time. Quick bus ride home, panicked packing, and then off to the airport! At least this time there were no delays leaving, just a very late (or early) arrival of 1:00a.m. arrival at Pearson Airport. Home sweet home, and time for some serious hibernation recovery after such a bust first trip to Vancouver.


Well it’s back to Toronto, and reality for me. Here are a few of my take-aways and observations from my visit to Vancouver:

  • There are A LOT of crows and they are LOUD
  • The seagulls here are giant
  • Every other store front is a sushi place, and for good reason because the sushi quality is amazing
  • All those trees sure come in handy with the air quality
  • The water even tastes better
  • I did not see any unicorns strutting down Main Street

It feels like there is absolutely nothing left to do or see in Vancouver to me because every single day we were here was jam packed with stuff to see and do, how could there possibly be any more! But apparently it’s just the opposite. My boyfriend already has a long laundry list of things he wants to show me the next time we take a trip to Vancouver, which apparently includes:

  • Rollerblading around the sea wall
  • Going for a walk in Stanley Park
  • Skiing down Whistler Mountain
  • Visiting the Aquarium
  • Eating White Spot burgers
  • Hiking the Chief
  • Visiting the Planetarium
  • The UBC Apple Festival
  • Fireworks Festival on English Bay