Style 101 | Gallery Walls

A space is never complete without its accessories. And one big part of that aspect is art. It’s such a personal element that helps make a space feel like a home. A very popular trend of the last few years (and one I hope sticks around) is gallery walls. It’s another way to display your art, but with more personality and character that reflects the people that live in the space. And there are so many different ways that you can create a gallery wall too!

Photo via  Stephanie Nielson

One way is to display coloured family photos in nice, neat lines. I particularly like this gallery wall by Stephanie Nielson. Instead of doing simple rows, she makes in more interesting to look at by alternating between horizontal and vertical orientations of the frames.

Another way is to go a little more random, with the placement of the pieces as well as the actual artwork that you may be displaying. In this case many different pieces of art done in many different mediums are displayed in random placement to make a fill wall gallery. In a large space such as this, a more random gallery of this size can really make a statement.

You don’t even need to necessarily display “traditional” art in your galleries. In this case, we used favourite jerseys and framed them in large shadow boxes to create artwork that is completely personal to the client in this small home office. Although it may be a small gallery wall, it still makes an impact.