Aquarium Adventure

Sometimes it's nice to play tourist in your own city. Walking around the city, drinking coffee, admiring the CN tower, and going to the aquarium. And last weekend I got to do just that! Some family was visiting from out of town, which made it the perfect excuse to go on a day trip to Ripley's Aquarium, and it did not disappoint.

I, for one, have never been to an aquarium, so I may be slightly biased, but I was basically a kid in a candy shop and tried to take as many photos as possible. I also thought that there were a couple of displays that were designed quite ingeniously.

Once you get into the main area of the aquarium, the space between the tanks turns into a narrow channel, with moving sidewalks. This is such a great design idea, because it keeps people moving which allows everyone to see what the aquarium has to offer. Plus you get to experience sharks and stingrays and the like swimming on both sides of you as well as above you, as you're slowly guided through the tanks.