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Vancouv-her | The Tale of a City Girl in Vancouver: Part 4

Another early day again, since we needed to get back to Vancouver because that list of plans was not getting any shorter and time was running out. A quick breakfast with our hosts, and then we were off to retrace our steps.

But there's no rest for the wicked! The second we got home, it was a quick change of clothes and then off for another adventure. Picked up a couple of the boyfriend's friends, and then we were off to Deep Cove to do a little hiking on Quarry Rock. Compared to climbing Grouse Mountain, this was a walk in the park - with a few more stairs, but of course, the view at the top was worth it...

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Vancouv-her | The Tale of a City Girl in Vancouver: Part 1

Vancouver is just like any other city, except it’s really not. For years my boyfriend, the Vancouver native, would go on and on about how amazing and beautiful his city was, to the point that I expected unicorns to prance down Main Street. So finally, after four years of imagining unicorns walking along the beach, we planned a trip to Vancouver together so I could really understand his love for this city.

The trip started on a bit of a rough foot (or wing), since we were majorly delayed flying out of Pearson Airport due to a tornado warning...

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