Allison Thibault | Principal Designer

Allison has always been in love with interior design. From an early age she has been fascinated with the impact that design has on our everyday living environment, and has the rare ability to walk into a space and visualize it at its full potential. Allison believes that interior design is an art form that takes the ordinary to extraordinary, and strives to achieve practical solutions that are both beautiful and elegant.

Allison holds an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design from Sheridan College and has transformed her dream into reality, putting her knowledge to use by designing numerous different spaces for clients with a variety of needs. She looks forward to working closely with clients, and helping them create practical results that will delight them for years to come.


Kaleidoscope | Philosophy

At Kaleidoscope, we believe that you should love everything about your home. Our aim is to help you create a practical space that works for you, and makes your life easier in every way.

But loving a space means more than practicality. We believe that your home should be the perfect reflection of your lifestyle. We will work closely with you to bring every part of what you love to life, and give you the home that you’ve always dreamed of.