“we recently moved into a new house and needed help with creating a cottagy yet modern feel. we didn’t spend a lot of time communicating our vision upfront, but allison did a good job in the 1st draft, which included floor plans and suggested furniture for each room.

We went back and forth a few times on some of the pieces, but the overall style was grasped well. allie also made recommendations about the wall colours and wallpapers, design of the bathroom tiles, and a floor colour!

allie has a great eye combining different textures and pieces while creating a very beautiful yet livable living space. allie was always prompt, wuick, and worked with us to accommodate our timeframes and other commitments.

we had a strict budget, and found that it was important to clarify that upfront, as well as go over any fees/policies that relate to shopping of the recommended design pieces.

overall, we really love our house and allie played a big role in make it such a wonderful place to come to every day.”

- k.m.

This was our first experience working with an interior designer, and we were really pleased with the experience! Allison Thibault, of Kaleidoscope Design Studio, was professional, reliable, thorough, and brimmed over with exciting ideas for our livingroom/diningroom space. We happily recommend her for a refreshing new change! Our family circumstances and obligations required that we end the project early, but Allie’s vision and sparkle remains.
— T. R.

“Allison did a fantastic job on our cottage screened-in porch. it feels like a true extension of our home and we find ourselves spending much more time there than we did before. allison was easy to work with, provided amazing ideas about the space and came in on-time and on-budget. would hire again in a heartbeat!”

- k.m.


"We were extremely impressed with the result that we received - our complete bathroom renovation exceeded our expectations!

From the initial design and consultation stages to project completion, every step was managed professionally and with precise attention to detail. Our personal style, preferences and functional requirements were embedded in the options that were presented.

Kaleidoscope pulled together a team of professionals that brought the project to life. In particular, Allison Thibault's designs and project leadership were first rate in every way. We unreservedly recommend Kaleidoscope!"

- c.d.

Very professional and courteous, Allie provided custom made layouts that I was able to review prior to my commitment. She was very considerate and there was no pressure. I was able to pick the furniture of my choice and she had great suggestions for compatible items and the ideal layout. Most importantly, Allie saved me a ton of money by finding great deals and utilizing her connections. After accounting for her fee I ended up saving money overall. She was also able to accept delivery on my behalf at my condo while I was at work. I would highly recommend her services.
— R. K.

"Allison redesigned my office during the summer, She carefully listened to our needs and came up with fresh designs and incredible ideas. I really appreciated her creativity, her intelligence and her ability to produce a beautiful finished product. She produced on time and on budget and with my past experiences that is rare in this industry. I would highly recommend her services for any design job large or small."

- j.k.


"We hired Allison a few years ago to help us manage the challenge of moving from our city house to our fully furnished "cottage". Allison met with us a few months before the move and we went through all the furniture in both houses to decide what to keep, what to dispose of before the move, and what needed to be recovered to make it more country chic. On the day of the move, Allison came with us to our cottage and had the movers put the furniture where it would be best suited. The end result was beautiful. All of our city furniture fit seamlessly into our country house, making it a warm, inviting and extremely functional home.

We were so pleased with the end result that we have hired Allison for several subsequent projects. A few years after the move she redesigned our kitchen, keeping to the original footprint since the hardwood floor had changed colour over time. The large room has a cathedral ceiling, which made the old kitchen look rather lost in the space. Allison put in stacked cupboards, an oversized fridge (who doesn't love an oversized fridge at a cottage!) and a larger island, which made the kitchen proportionate to the space, and gave me a lot of additional storage. The added storage plus efficient corner pull-outs meant no more crawling on my hands and knees to find things. It is a real treat to work in my new kitchen.

Having moved to the cottage, we then wanted to take full advantage of our large deck. Allison created a beautiful outdoor living space with maximized seating for those big reunion weekends.

Our latest project was the screened in porch where we spend the majority of our time out in the fresh air but away from the bugs. The room had stayed the same since we built the house in 1999, and on her last visit up to finalize the deck furniture, Allison had idly commented that if we switched the seating area with the dining area, we would have a lot more seating space. It sounds like a very simple idea, but no one had thought of it until Allison mentioned it, and the result was amazing. Not only do we now have comfortable seating for 8 rather than 4, but the dining table is much more accessible and the seating area is more private and inviting. Such a simple suggestion with such dramatic results, which is why I love dealing with Allison."

- m.h.

My husband and I are working with Allison to design our apartment living room. Despite our small budget, Allison has been able to really transform our space. Allison has a great eye for layout and has made the room not only beautiful but also much more functional. I have been impressed with her ideas for how to manage certain features that I wasn’t sure how to handle- such as high, curved ceilings. We also appreciate how quickly Allison responds to our questions- she is very professional and diligent. I think my favourite part about working with Allison is how she understands our style and has been able to take the words we used to describe how we wanted the room to look and feel and really make it come to life. Thank you for your help Allison!
— A. C.

"My wife and I have used the interior design services of Allison Thibault (Kaleidoscope Design Studio) on several occasions and at different locations during the past 2-3 years. Our experience with her has consistently been excellent. She has provided space planning and furniture solutions that are far better than anything we could possibly have achieved on our own. She is very organized in her approach to design. Understanding our needs/wants as a client, she has provided multiple alternative design strategies, combined with her recommendations on how we should proceed. In every instance, the end result has been outstanding. We frequently receive compliments from friends and visitors to our homes and some of them have chosen to use Allison as well. We would strongly recommend Allison and plan to use her again in the near future."



"We were very pleased with Allison's services. She helped us with furniture layout, paint colours and furniture selection when we decorated and furnished our house at Sun City Shadow Hills near Palm Springs, California. Every time I look around, I smile. The clean lines and bold colours suit us and our home. Every time someone new comes over we get compliments. Just yesterday when an artist came to hang a painting we purchased she looked around and said what good taste we had. Then I noticed that she was taking pictures not only of the picture she hung on our bedroom wall, but of the entire family room that Allie designed for us. I think the highest compliment that I can give is that sometimes Allie made suggestions that I wasn't really sure about and those things ended up being some of the things I liked best. My husband and I think we received great value for our money and would recommend her services to everyone."


Allison was a tremendous help in picking out a design plan for my new build home. As a first time home buyer she did an excellent job of balancing both my budget and lack of knowledge to make the process much easier. My new home would not be what it is without her help!
— G. M.

"Allison is a genius. Given a small apartment, multiple competing needs for space, and a restricted budget, she easily navigated these challenges and created a home that far exceeds expectations. Her ability to combine functionality with beauty and incorporate family heirlooms into a space is second to none. What is perhaps most impressive is the way she managed to create different environments in a shared space. Balancing her clients’ needs with a stylish design is what she does, and she does it with a smile. I highly recommend Kaleidoscope Design Studio, and Allison as a designer."

- e.m.


"We hired Allison initially to help furnish and redecorate our retirement home. We had bought it furnished but quickly realized that it wasn't our taste or style. Hiring Allison was the best thing we could have done. It was so much easier, better, and more cost effective than if we had tried to do it ourselves (the one room that we did furnish ourselves we ended up redoing a few years later, with Allison's help!). Allison made everything easier. Picking all the paint colours, which could have taken several agonizing hours or days, was done in no time at all, with fabulous results. We had a similar experience with picking the carpet and much of the artwork. The furniture took a little longer, as we had a 3 bedroom house to furnish, but we were so happy with the results it was worth the time and effort. The decor of the house seemed to come together effortlessly, with the end result being a warm, comfortable home that we love.

We have subsequently hired Allison for other projects and have been equally impressed with her ingenuity and ability to determine what her clients want, even when they're not really sure themselves. I would highly recommend Allison."

- J.H.