Why Hire an Interior Designer?


I realize that this may seem a little backwards, spending additional money to hire someone to do the work that you could potentially do yourself doesn’t sound like you would be saving money. But in reality, hiring a professional designer who has lots of training and experience will prevent you from making costly mistakes. It could be something as simple as having to repaint because the colour you’ve selected doesn’t look quite right, or something a little more costly, like buying the wrong sized furniture or a sectional aligned the wrong way.



Interior Designers have more training and education than most people think. We go through years of in-depth education learning all the ins and outs of construction, as well as all the finer points of art fundamentals and how they translate to your home. Because of all this education, we have a detailed understanding of the construction process, and the order in which things need to happen. This means that, for example in a kitchen renovation, we understand that your new floor needs to go in before your cabinetry, and that the cabinetry needs to be installed before your countertops can be measured, and finally that your backsplash is the last step after the countertops are installed.


Many professional interior designers have resources available to them, that aren’t necessarily available to the general public. This can range from a designer discount at your favourite furniture store, to access to a wide variety of designer fabric retailers to get that perfect new piece of upholstered furniture for your home. This is also another way that hiring a professional designer will help you save money, since at Kaleidoscope Design Studio, all those lovely price reductions are passed on to clients. 


Lots of little mistakes can definitely add up and cause your budget to get out of control. This is one of the biggest advantages to having a professional on your side to manage the details of the budget and all the planning. An interior designer will work with you to create floor plans to perfectly demonstrate where all your new furniture will be placed. Having a designer on your side that you trust, is so important in any home renovation endeavor, because they will make sure that every last detail is accounted for in the budget and executed in a detailed plan before anything even starts. Having a budget and a detailed plan of attack going into the start of any project is essential. An interior designer is the perfect person to get the job done, and keep the project moving forward as smoothly as possible. As the homeowner, all you need to do is sit back and trust that they will take care of your home as if it were their own.


Another perk to hiring a professional interior designer is that we usually have established relationships with other professionals in the industry. Many homeowners struggle to find reliable trades to help compete their home transformation. Your designer should know trusted painters, contractors, electricians, plumbers, and anyone else you can think of. Many times when working with a professional who has an established relationship with your designer can also save you money as well, since they would give you discounted prices that the average Joe walking in off the street may not got.


Many interior designers can walk into a space and imagine a completely redesigned finished space in their mind. Having a professional designer walk through a space and be able to immediately point out issues, and tell you how to fix them all at the same time is a huge asset. With many years of experience, this skill comes very naturally to us. Often, homeowners try to take on everything themselves when doing a home renovation in an effort to try to save some money. However, usually those homeowners get frustrated because the project ends up taking longer than they had originally anticipated, or they get frustrated because they don’t have a complete and thorough understanding of what the project entails.


Having someone with a detailed knowledge and understanding about construction is incredibly helpful when dealing with specific trades during a home renovation. Your interior designer is the perfect person for the job, since we go through extensive education regarding all phases of construction. Because of this, we are able to communicate with the contractors on the job, ask important questions that you might not think of, and are able to make informed decisions on your behalf.


Have you ever taken on a home renovation yourself, and when it was all finished felt like something wasn’t quite right? An interior designer helps bring everything together and tell a story with your pieces through small details that are usually overlooked. Like any artist, we see the whole canvas of the space and how to best utilize every inch to create our work livable work of art. By hiring a professional interior designer that you trust, your house can be transformed into a beautiful home that fits your needs and lifestyle seamlessly.



When selling a home, you get a higher sale price when people walking through it can picture themselves living their lives in the space. This is why home staging has become so popular over the years, and is always done on our favourite HGTV shows. An interior designer adds value to your home in more ways that just improving your standard of living. A number of years ago, my parents decided to sell our family home. I did a lot of work myself in terms of space planning, new furniture selection, and freshly painted walls to name just a few. Because of this, the home showed beautifully and we received a bully bid over asking before the home was even listed to the public.