Design Behind the Scenes | Palmilla Desert Home: Part 4

I saved the best for last! This master bedroom is massive. In fact, the bedroom alone is larger than my entire condo, and that doesn’t include the equally large washroom or his and hers walk-in closets. With lots of square footage, high ceilings, and a wall of windows that slides open to the backyard and a view of the mountains, this bedroom is what master bedroom dreams are made of. At least it certainly had the potential to be.

The master bedroom is another space that received a very dramatic transformation. Considering the size of this massive master bedroom, the previous design of this space made the bedroom feel much smaller that it really was. 

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Design Behind the Scenes | Palmilla Desert Home: Part 3

Sunny California is the perfect place to design the perfect outdoor living space oasis. I for one could spend all day every day outside in this amazing outdoor living space. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside reading a good book, soaking up some sun, going for a dip in the pool, or maybe enjoying a little cocktail on the weekend? Backyards should really be considered as an extension of your interior living space. This means that your design of the interior of your home and the exterior should blend seamlessly.

Like the rest of the house, the backyard had too much going on in it with little space for you to breathe and take it all in.

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Design Behind the Scenes | Palmilla Desert Home: Part 2

Next up on the design transformation is the center and the heart of this home, the living room. With an open concept home, where there is little to no separation between rooms, the design aesthetic that you choose for the living room guides the design for the rest of the home. This home is certainly no different, since the living room is the first thing you see from the moment you enter the home. You can also see the living room from the media room, the dining room, the backyard with the large glass wall of windows, and you even get an elevated view of it from the kitchen. Needless to say, getting the design of this particular space was crucial to get the design for the rest of the home just right.

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Design Behind the Scenes | Palmilla Desert Home: Part 1

A while back I had a client that I had worked with before, buy a home in sunny California to escape the winters. They figured they would buy the home fully furnished since it was a second home, and slowly replace items as needed. That plan quickly went out the window when they discovered just how far out of their comfort zone the interior design of their new home was, and not in a good way! The general feel of the original design was a lot of stuff (furniture, art, accessories) put into a space too small to handle it all. This media room is one of the not so crazy spaces in the home when it was purchased.

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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

I realize that this may seem a little backwards, spending additional money to hire someone to do the work that you could potential do yourself doesn’t sound like you would be saving money. But in reality, hiring a professional designer who has lots of training and experience will prevent you from making costly mistakes. It could be something as simple as having to repaint because the colour you’ve selected doesn’t look quite right, or something a little more costly, like buying the wrong sized furniture or a sectional aligned the wrong way.

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Labour of Love | Redstone Lake Home: Part 7

The house has changed a lot over the years to say the least, from landscaping the property, to changing the roofline, to refurnishing the main rooms, to full renovations. But to me, there will always be projects to work on! Maybe it’s the designer in me, or maybe it’s the perfectionist, but every time I look at the house I just want it to be perfect. Here’s a list of the projects that I would love to do. If the day my parents ever decide to do them comes, I’m ready!

Very few changes have been made to our dining area over the past 16 years...

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