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DIY | Totem Stone Art

Each totem stone is different, with a symbol engraved into a polished precious stone. The symbols are a variety of animals and symbols, each with their own unique meaning. For example, a hummingbird means joy and magic. I stumbled upon these stones one summer when I was about ten, and thought they were incredibly interesting, so I began collecting them. Once I had a sizable collection, I was determined to find a way to display them in a simple yet elegant way, to ensure that the beauty of the stone was the focus. Because the display is so simple – both in aesthetics and execution – this method can easily be used for other items too.

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DIY | Hex Coasters

These beautiful symbols are a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. It became popular in 1850 when people started painting barns with the sentiment of bringing good fortune and happiness, but also to warm off evil spirits. The rustic element of the wood and the folk art makes these coasters perfect for the cottage. And the best part is that they’re pretty easy to make, and they even make a great gift! 

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The Easiest DIY to Please your Man | Framed Jerseys

We’ve all heard of the age old “Man Cave”. Well I have a way that you can improve on his favourite place in the house to escape from all the girly throw pillows and flowers. Making him some manly art using his extensive jersey collection to further enhance his manly sanctuary. And the best part is it won’t cost very much money either! 

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